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Wholesale for shops!

1. Want to sell Rubytoblue in your boutique? - Fill out the collaboration form below and we will send you our wholesale line sheet!

We are so excited to be expanding into shops and would love to work with you! 

NEW - Bikini Scrap Earring Collaboration Program for swimsuit brands! 

Design your own bikini scrap earring collection! 

Custom Wholesale Program:

Send us your scraps, and we’ll send them back to you repurposed into custom Bikini Scrap Earrings for you to sell as a matching accessory alongside your bikinis! 

What is included in the program - 

1. Custom Bikini Scrap Earrings designed by you! 
2. Social media cross promotion
3. Professional Content you can use for your website & social media 

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We are always open to social media promotion for trade or compensation!

We are pretty flexible & always interested in working with social media influencers or content creators on all platforms or brands! 

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